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Let the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea lure you in.

The eastern coastline of the Adriatic Sea is certainly one of the most beautiful and unspoiled in Europe and we believe it is poised to become a fashionable Riviera over the next ten years. The coastline is enhanced by more than 1000 islands which create a yachting paradise.

It is often said that Istria is very similar to Tuscany. Picturesque villages with old stone houses and cobbled streets, tiny shops and attractive restaurants, and a church with spire or tower, cling to the top of the steep hills with stunning views across fields and woods to the next hill-top village in the distance.The difference lies in the clear blue waters of the beautiful Adriatic Sea which is never far away and, along its coast, more than two thousand years of history unfold.

At a glance:

  • Five bedrooms, five bathrooms
  • Maximum occupancy: 12
  • Very close to the gorgeous waters of the Adriatic Sea
  • Nearest airport: Pleso Airport
Istria, Croatia Istria, Croatia

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